Welcome to The Kentucky Toyota Land Cruiser Association Chapter of the TLCA.  Our Annual Kentucky Toyota Trail Ride is July 18 – 21, 2019, please scroll down for more info.  Please register now.

Kentucky Toyota Trail Ride Information

The Kentucky Toyota Trail Ride is held in Red River Gorge Ky. The area is known for its unique landscape, rock formations, rivers, lakes, arches, and much more. This combination makes for great off-roading, hiking, rock climbing, fishing, kayaking, and camping. For our event we will be using Callie’s Lake and Campground for base camp!  We will be using the Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway, Kentucky adventure Tour, Hollerwood Offroad Park, Boneyard Hollow Offroad Park and private land that we have permission to use for our routes. We will have small groups of 8-10 for each route so there will be minimal sitting time. The event starts Thursday July 18 and there will be unscheduled rides Thursday and Friday. Saturday there will be a staging area where you will receive your shirt, sticker and driver packet. You will be put in your groups and have safety inspections. Trail rides last until around 5pm and then there will be a pulled pork dinner that’s included in your registration at the stage area at Callie’s.  There will also be a raffle and a music festival that starts Friday and will end at midnight Saturday. This is free to all TLCA members. Sunday will be for packing up and minimal rides will be going on. You’re welcome to explore if you want. There will be more info as the event approaches. Thank you for supporting this new chapter!